WP8010 SDC KIT 2

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Product Description

WP8010 SDC KIT 2

Compact Wireless Security & Safety Panel

  • 1 Control Panel
  • 2 Motion Detectors
  • 1 Magnetic Contact
  • 2 Keyfob
  • 1 Outdoor Siren

A New Era in Intrusion Alarm Systems WP8010 is a compact wireless security alarm panel suitable for advanced applications and heavyduty operations. It has a superio range, prolonged battery life and unmatched wireless robustness. Moreover, it provides outstanding full two-way wireless functionality with all peripherals. Using revolutionary PowerG networktechnology, WP8010 fully answers the most demanding requirements facing the security industry today.

PowerG Robustness and Reliability
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).
• Full two-way synchronized TDMA wireless network – Provides streamlined communication and improved channel efficiency.
• Huge transmission range of2000m (6500ft) line of sight* – Covers significantly larger premises than traditional systems, without repeaters.
• Highly secured AES-128 encrypted wireless communication – Surpasses the most demanding industry standards.
• Adaptive transmission power – Saves energy and significantly extends battery life.

Features That Make a Difference:
• Unmatched affordability and performance
• Two-way communication eliminates lost alarms and unnecessary retransmissions
• Accommodates more than 60 wireless devices:
• Up to 30 zones
• Up to 8 keypads, 8 keyfobs, 4 sirens, 4 repeaters
• Optional 3G, GSM/GPRS and IP modules
• Extensive range of PowerG peripherals for every application
• Remote configuration and diagnostics with system status indications
• All devices are configured from the panel
• SirenNet - Leverages smoke detector buzzers for all alarms
• Wired zone and PGM output
• 12 or 24 hour back-up battery
• Available in multiple languages
• Remote software updates


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