20355 MultiTransmitter White

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Product Description


Module for connecting wired alarm to Ajax and managing security via the app

Security via smartphone

Switch to smart protection while keeping your old security equipment. With MultiTransmitter, system users get security control in the app, data-rich notifications, and automation scenarios. The security company can adjust the system or device the settings in the PRO-app, both while on-site and remotely.

The second life of a wired alarm

MultiTransmitter replaces the old security control panel, providing connection of wired devices via radio communication to the Ajax system. Universal compatibility and a user-friendly app make renovating a wired alarm a simple, step-by-step process. And system operation controlled by a hub guarantees stability, resistance to threats, and functionality improvement through automatic updates.

More Ajax features

IR barriers, household gas, temperature, liquid level detectors, and other devices are ready to expand the Ajax areas of use. Connect them to a hub via MultiTransmitter and manage the combined security system in the Ajax app.

Multitasking in a single body

Less hassle with automated security

Use automation scenarios so that the security system instantly responds to threats without waiting for police. Ajax will be armed by schedule, turn on the light by the alarm of a motion detector, de-energize the room at the first sign of fire. With MultiTransmitter, an old alarm system becomes part of a safe and smart home.

Data-rich alarms

With MultiTransmitter, you can specify the type of alarm and a room for each wired device. This makes notifications more informative — you know not just what happened but where. This information is displayed using push notification, SMS, and is also sent to the security company's monitoring station under an appropriate code. A total of five types of alarms are available: intrusion, fire, medical assistance, panic button, gas leak.

Intrusion confirmation in 9 seconds

Connect MotionCam — a motion detector with a photo camera — to know for sure whether there are burglars in the place, or someone just did not disarm the alarm. The camera is activated only when the system is armed, and motion is detected. Contrary to video surveillance, the detector's photos are securely encrypted and transferred to the app in seconds, and only to those users who are granted viewing rights.

Protected against sabotage

MultiTransmitter will inform you instantly if the connected devices have been interrupted with power failure, disconnection of the signal cable, or tampering. Electricity loss at the site will not be a problem either — the backup battery can provide power to devices for up to 4 days. MultiTransmitter body itself is equipped with two tampers that respond to removal of the integration module from the mount and removal of the lid.

Made by professionals for professionals

We made sure that the installation and setup process does not require any extra time or effort. Like other Ajax devices, MultiTransmitter connects to a hub in the app by scanning a QR-code. When connecting wired devices, you don't need to know the resistors' resistance values. The system will also warn you if a device was not connected correctly.

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